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Documents are accepted:

- for full-time education from June 20 to August 20

- for the evening form of training - from June 20 to September 20.

Documents required for admission to college:

- a copy of the identity card;

- the original document on education;

- medical certificate form No. 086-u (with fluorophoto attached)

- 4 photo cards 3x4 in size

Entrance examinations (testing) are held in the following subjects:

- on the basis of basic secondary education  - 9 classes - Kazakh or Russian language and a subject by profile;

- on the basis of general secondary education - 11 classes - Kazakh or Russian language, the history of Kazakhstan and a subject according to the profile in the specialties:

- 0101000 - "Preschool education and training" - biology;

- 0402000 - "Design"  (by profile) - creative exam;

- 0506000 - "Hairdressing and decorative cosmetics" - chemistry;

0514000 - "Evaluation" - mathematics.

- For applicants for working professions, enrollment is carried out without entrance exams.

Entrance exams are held:

- for full-time education -  from August 1 to August 20

- for the evening form of training - from September 1 to September 20

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