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College Mission and Vision for 2019-2023

The mission of the College "Service Spheres" reflects its place in the unified educational space of technical and vocational education in Kazakhstan.


Mission  college: to be a specialist with professional competencies that meets modern labor requirements, ready for continuous growth, social and professional mobility, with high spiritual and moral qualities.


It is implemented through:

--- effective organization and high quality of educational and upbringing processes;

--- analysis of performance and assessment of the potential of the college to meet the needs of all parties interested in quality education;

The mission of the college is aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of vocational education to provide sectors of the economy and employers  qualified professionals with competitive skills and sufficient potential to continue their education.

Vision  college --- training of specialists in demand in the labor market with an up-to-date educational system, an open information environment and a modern infrastructure that functions in the interests of students, teachers, employers and other interested parties.

Vision and mission are the integrating links that determine the content of all activities of the college. Based on them, priorities, strategic  tasks, prospects for further development are being developed, the activities of the entire college are planned and organized.

Materials for methodological work
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