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Practical training occupies a special place in the training of specialists with technical and vocational education. The procedure for organizing and conducting professional practice for students is ensured in accordance with working curricula developed on the basis of standard curricula according to the schedule of the educational process, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the State Educational Standard for each specialty. All work programs of professional practice are coordinated with the base enterprises and reflect the goals, objectives and content of the practice. The leaders of the practice bases create the necessary conditions for students to acquire professional skills and often offer to continue their work in this enterprise for students who have shown sufficient knowledge, skills and work skills. 

College students undergo introductory, educational, technological, industrial practice.

Before the start of practice, organizational meetings are held in groups, at which the deputy director for CPR, teachers of special disciplines introduce students to the goals and objectives of the upcoming practice.

For internships on the basis of enterprises, contracts are concluded by enterprises-bases of practices, where students undergo internships. The joint training of students by the college and the enterprises of the city contributes to the successful employment of graduates.

Representatives of the city's enterprises are regular participants in events, open lessons, competitions and exhibitions. Corporate partners take part in the process of the lesson, transfer their experience and practical skills, professional knowledge to students, which forms a deep interest and motivation for the chosen profession among students.

The meeting of students with production workers allows college graduates to receive additional information about enterprises for employment after graduation, and partners acquire information about the quality of preparedness of graduates and the college. Business leaders often turn to college management with a request to provide trainees in various specialties, about the need for workers to fill vacancies.

During the period of internship on the basis of the enterprise, an internship leader from the enterprise is appointed, who organizes the work of interns, advises and evaluates the work of the student.

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