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Methodical association of class teachers



- Classroom management - the professional activity of a teacher, aimed at educating a student in a group team. The class teacher is a teacher who organizes a system of relations between society and students through various types of educational activities of the student team, creates conditions for the individual self-expression of each student and carries out his activities in the educational process of the institution.
- The purpose of the activity  class teacher - education of a comprehensively and harmoniously developed personality on the basis of universal and national values.


The main tasks of the class teacher are:
- contribute to the formation of a patriot and a citizen capable of living in a new democratic society; to form a political, legal and anti-corruption culture of the individual; the growth of the legal awareness of children and youth, their readiness to resist manifestations of cruelty and violence in the children's and youth environment;
- contribute to the formation of the spiritual, moral and ethical principles of the individual, his moral qualities and attitudes, consistent with the norms and traditions of the life of Kazakhstani society;
- to promote the orientation of the individual to universal and national values, respect for the native language and culture of the Kazakh people, ethnic groups and ethnic groups of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- to promote the education of parents, to increase their psychological and pedagogical competence in shaping the personality of the child, to increase their responsibility for the upbringing of children;
- to form labor skills, economic thinking of the individual and a conscious attitude to professional self-determination, develop an ecological culture, as well as the ability to perceive the ideas of co-evolution and be guided by them in everyday life;
- to form a motivational space that ensures the development of intellectual capabilities, leadership qualities and talents of each individual, to contribute to the formation of its information culture;
- to promote the creation of a multicultural environment in educational institutions, to form general cultural behavioral skills, to develop the readiness of the individual to perceive, master, evaluate aesthetic objects in art and reality;
- create space for the effective formation of healthy lifestyle skills, maintaining physical and psychological health, the ability to identify factors that are harmful to health.

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